Farewell Rarotonga!

15/12/2006  |  2 Comments

It is our penultimate day in Rarotonga and we (again) are sad to be leaving. We have met so many more

Painting a Picture with Words

10/12/2006  |  1 Comment

I'm no wordsmith, and do struggle trying to get across just how amazing this place is which is a real more

Another hot day on Rarotonga

06/12/2006  |  5 Comments

Its 11 am and 33 degrees... After all our lazing on the beach we decided to do some exercise, we walked more

Kia Orana!

01/12/2006  |  1 Comment

Its a lovely friday afternoon and we've just come into town to do a bit of food shopping. Working more

Clothes: Rohan Expedition Shirt

27/11/2006  |  2 Comments

The last thing I did before we left was went clothes shopping, never too keen to spend money, these shirts more

Forget Tahiti, We like Rarotonga!

26/11/2006  |  3 Comments

Morning! It is Sunday at 11.30 in the morning, it is very quiet here as everyone else has gone to more

Au Revoir Tahiti!

25/11/2006  |  1 Comment

Things to know about Tahiti: If you want to catch a bus, give yourself a couple of hours, and don't expect more

Last day, again?

23/11/2006  |  No Comments

Tahihi, lovely place, if you came here you won't want to leave. So we're not. We've booked ourselves in for another more

Last Day of Tahiti

22/11/2006  |  1 Comment

Well Tahiti's coming to an end, very sad, its fantastic here, except maybe the buses, just as good as they more

38 hours travelling and only 23 hours have passed?

20/11/2006  |  2 Comments

Well hello, we're wandering about the Capital of Tahiti, Papeete, waiting to book in to our villa on the coast, more

Water Filter: MSR MiniWorks

17/11/2006  |  No Comments

We've used this filter over the past few years on Dartmoor, its proven to be very hard to break, the more

Flask: Lifeventure 1L Lexan Flask

17/11/2006  |  No Comments

Very durable water container, wide mouthed, virtually unbreakable! Because its transparent and only 1 litre it meets the latest flight requirements. more