Shopping, Eating and Movies

30/03/2007  |  No Comments

Wow! What a few very busy days! We have been trying to pack as much in as we can. Our more

Malaysia – We're the best and we don't mind telling you

29/03/2007  |  3 Comments

We've left Kuala Lumpur with the worlds tallest twin towers and the worlds highest communication tower, the highest flagpole, the more

President of Malaysia

24/03/2007  |  No Comments

To rip off Doug Adams "Space,is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindboggingly big it is. more

G'day Oz

20/03/2007  |  2 Comments

It's 5:30 in the morning, its dark, we've been up for hours and we're sitting in the airport waiting for more

Seal Line 5 Litre Waterproof Bag

18/03/2007  |  No Comments

A simple waterproof sack that we've used to put our important items in, keeping it dry while kayak touring and more

Archos GMini 500 'Pocket Media Centre'

18/03/2007  |  No Comments

After lots of searching, we found this MP3 player on amazon for about 150 quid, which has turned out to more

Happy 75th Birthday Sydney Harbour Bridge

18/03/2007  |  No Comments

We've been in Sydney and about now for 4 days, having left the city for the sea side town of more

Into Mordor – There and back again

12/03/2007  |  1 Comment

See the epic journey in Photos It was a wet, foggy, miserable day in National Park, so what better than watching more

Windy Wellington

06/03/2007  |  1 Comment

We're here in the capital of New Zealand, which incidentally shares its name with my home town. It's true what more

Adrenaline Junkie

27/02/2007  |  1 Comment

Queenstown is the adrenaline capital of the world, with Bungys to Skydives, to Canyon swinging, to white water, you can more

Franz Josef Ice Glacier

18/02/2007  |  1 Comment

Having little sleep that night, like a kid on christmas eve. I woke up many times asking Becky 'Is it more

My Terra Nova Ultra Quasar has its first birthday! (of use)

17/02/2007  |  No Comments

Thats 365 (ish) nights of use! Bought in 2000. Its first birthday was spent on a beach during a more