Forget Tahiti, We like Rarotonga!

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Morning! It is Sunday at 11.30 in the morning, it is very quiet here as everyone else has gone to church. The beaches are all deserted so we decided to go for a swim! It doesn’t feel that hot compared to other days but its still a lovely 28oC! We are deciding whether to stay here an extra week and maybe stay in Samoa and Tonga less (the guide book scared us rather a lot…) It’s a shame we have a deadline to come back otherwise we would extend our time everywhere!

We are staying in a backpackers place- like a youth hostel in the uk. We have made a few friends already and we played cards with them most of yesterday evening when we had torrential rain for 3 hours!

We have been on a bus journey round the island…. we only wanted to go 10 minutes up the road but ended up going all the way round because the bus only goes clockwise after 12.30pm on Saturday! (it only takes 45 minutes to go round anyway so we weren’t too disappointed!)

The money is NZ dollars and i have never seen triangular coins before!

Thats all for now, we are off for some lunch and some more relaxing as everything is shut today!

Bex and Andy

(Are you all jealous yet? wait till you see the pictures!!!)


  1. Of course we are all jealous! Can’t wait to see all the photos.

    Take care, x

  2. Glad you are having a good time. If you do decide to stay on an extra week, try to attend one of their Sunday services because the singing is incredible. Also, they sometimes invite you back for some food and a chat which is really nice. Also, I would highly recommend the cross island walk, but be careful because it is not clearly signposted.
    Take care. Stuart
    PS – Check out the size of the womens feet in the South Pacific.

  3. Hey stop making me so jealous, can’t you go somewhere dull, landlocked and grey-Taunton for example! Looks and sounds like your having an amazing time you lucky things, keep up the fun and adventures!xx

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