Malaysia – We're the best and we don't mind telling you

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We’ve left Kuala Lumpur with the worlds tallest twin towers and the worlds highest communication tower, the highest flagpole, the world best Airport with the worlds highest control tower, next to the worlds longest unsupported aircraft hanger to head for Singapore, oddly flying into the the worlds best Airport. Malaysians love boasting but some of it maybe self proclaimed. Maybe, Worlds Best Airport (in Malaysia).

One thing we sadly missed in KL due to a lack of interest on Becky’s part was the International Telephone Museum, I’m told I can come back with Sim one day to take a trip around.

Link: Photos in Malaysia

Singapore is a lovely contrast to KL, three times the price (about 10 instead of 4 quid a day), but cleaner, easier and safer. We’re staying next to Sultan Mosque in a little hostel called Sleepy Sam’s. Fantastic showers and a surprisingly quiet dorm…

Link: Photos in Singapore

The city feels much like its been designed by an art gallery curator and is lovely to walk about, even in a thunderstorm. Since it is raining heavily. We’ve come inside out of the rain, in to the coolness of an internet cafe, to stick some photos up and listen to a bit of Apple AM, Musgrove Parks very own radio station. We’d also like to say hi to everyone in Fielding, thanks for showing an interest in our trip, while we’re thanking people, as there aren’t many more entries coming thanks everyone, just under 100 people subscribed to hear about our adventures and more visited the site, we hope we didn’t bore you and hopefully enjoyed it. We’ll find a few more things to write about.


  1. You forgot to mention ‘apathetic’, ‘rude’, self-centred’, greedy, shallow, authoritarian, etc. But you’ll have to be a part of this great nation and not be a ‘foreigner’ to appreciate that.

  2. Hey guys,

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – your blog site has been fantastic and it has been great to escape for a little while each time you add a post on the site, to leave the dreariness of Taunton and enter into the exciting world of Andy & Becky’s adventures! Your photos have been great, not too many, but plenty to give us back home, a visual diary of what you have been up to.
    Andy, you should be a full-time graphic designer or web designer – sort it out! They’re probably gonna sack you when you get back anyway, for being too travel sick and chilled out. (LOL!)

    Look forward to seeing you guys when you return so I can hear even more about your journey. My new website needs some work too…

    Enjoy the last 6 days and 12 hours!

    P.S – Nicole Kidman scares me – but in an attractive way

  3. Katie Jennings

    You missed out on the telephone museum? No! I can’t believe you didn’t take up such an opportunity.

    I think you have done a fantastic job by updating the website. I’m sorry that your trip is nearly over, but it will be great to catch up when you are back.

    Take care on your last 6 days. How time flies.

    Katie xxx

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