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Tuesday, 20th March 2007 |  by  |  Australia  |  Share

It’s 5:30 in the morning, its dark, we’ve been up for hours and we’re sitting in the airport waiting for the gates to open for Singapore Airlines flight SQ220.

‘Too much to see, too little time’ hasn’t really mean’t much before this trip, a week anywhere isn’t enough.

We wanted to see something at Opera House but with nothing on we went to see ‘Hot Fuzz’ at the cinema, making us a little homesick for Somerset. It seemed that we were the only people laughing at the local jokes, I had to tell the person sat next to me Somerfield really is like that! Yesterday we went to the Olympic Park for lunch and wandered about but couldn’t help feel it was a little lifeless with no sporting events on, just us tourists. The day before, for one of the first times on our trip, we split up to get the most out of the day. Becky went off to see the Koalas at the Zoo, and I went around the Gallerys and Museums.

Sydneys an amazing place everyone should visit.

I’m going off for a nap.


  1. Katie Jennings

    How envious would I be if you got to see something at the Sydney Opera House!?!?! Even so, sorry to hear nothing was on and you didn’t get to go. I’m sure you got lots of photos, though.

    See you soon.

    Katie xxx

  2. I want to go back!

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