Forget Tahiti, We like Rarotonga!

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Morning! It is Sunday at 11.30 in the morning, it is very quiet here as everyone else has gone to church. The beaches are all deserted so we decided to go for a swim! It doesn’t feel that hot compared to other days but its still a lovely 28oC! We are deciding whether to stay here an extra week and maybe stay in Samoa and Tonga less (the guide book scared us rather a lot…) It’s a shame we have a deadline to come back otherwise we would extend our time everywhere!

We are staying in a backpackers place- like a youth hostel in the uk. We have made a few friends already and we played cards with them most of yesterday evening when we had torrential rain for 3 hours!

We have been on a bus journey round the island…. we only wanted to go 10 minutes up the road but ended up going all the way round because the bus only goes clockwise after 12.30pm on Saturday! (it only takes 45 minutes to go round anyway so we weren’t too disappointed!)

The money is NZ dollars and i have never seen triangular coins before!

Thats all for now, we are off for some lunch and some more relaxing as everything is shut today!

Bex and Andy

(Are you all jealous yet? wait till you see the pictures!!!)

Au Revoir Tahiti!

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Things to know about Tahiti:

  • If you want to catch a bus, give yourself a couple of hours, and don’t expect one after 4pm.
  • The car of choice is a Peugoet 106 in White, everyone has one… just like me
  • Just because its 30 degrees, we’re the other side of the world and Tahiti’s never seen the snow, at Christmas time you can still buy a 6 foot inflatable snow man.

Here are a few photos of Tahiti, we have many more so expect a slide show when we get home.

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Last day, again?

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Tahihi, lovely place, if you came here you won’t want to leave. So we’re not.

We’ve booked ourselves in for another couple days into a little hotel until Saturday, then we’re DEFINITELY off to Rarotonga, no excuses. So for now its more beaches, of course there are beaches there too, there are beaches everywhere we’re going, but for now we like these.

So off to the beach we go.

A and B

Last Day of Tahiti

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Well Tahiti’s coming to an end, very sad, its fantastic here, except maybe the buses, just as good as they are in Somerset…

After eventually catching a bus back to our little villa, we have been doing very little! Relaxing, (Andy has been sleeping a lot) watching the sunset over the lagoon next to our balcony! The lagoon is full of coral and amazing looking fish…we have spent quite a long time just watching them in the crystal clear water! Our host (Steve or Mano?) has been very welcoming…it seems his entire family are in on the hotelling buisness. It is so peaceful here, even though it is next to the only main road on the island you wouldn’t know it! We went to our local shop (about a mile away) yesterday in the torrential rain. It was fantastic- and warm!!! Not the English drizzle but severe downpour. Twenty minutes later everthing was dry and hot again. It has been strange getting used to the heat again- last night after the sunset it was still 28oC!

The surrounding area is like a set out of ‘Lost’- lush vegetation and palm trees….almost hear Kate shouting “Jack!!!” And just for Toni there are hundreds of ‘Warriors’ so get Steve to agree to come here and get the car of your dreams…… (just don’t sit on the back over a speed bump…. terrible things will happen….)

We’d recomend any of you to come here (hire a car).

Andy and Bex

And who’d have thought, 28 oC and Beckys wearing a fleece… (Becky says: I was cold!!)

38 hours travelling and only 23 hours have passed?

Monday, 20th November 2006 |  by  |  Tahiti  |  2 Comments  |  Share

Well hello, we’re wandering about the Capital of Tahiti, Papeete, waiting to book in to our villa on the coast, sadly, we arrived at 5 this morning but can’t book in until after 12.

Our trip here was long but enjoyable, Virgin Atlantic fed us well and provided loads of geeky entertainment, New Zealand Air just let us sleep. We got to leave the airport at LAX too so we can add American soil to our list of places visited!

Hope the UK is good, Tahiti’s Hot, Humid and Green. They’ve got the prettiest Airport in the World! We’re doing very well with our French, we’re even typing this on a French keyboard which is a bit of a struggle.

Speak to you soon when we have some photos.

Becky and Andy

Water Filter: MSR MiniWorks

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We’ve used this filter over the past few years on Dartmoor, its proven to be very hard to break, the one time I did, I was able to take it apart and clean it, its very field maintainable.
We will be taking it with us so we can provide our own safe water.
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Flask: Lifeventure 1L Lexan Flask

Friday, 17th November 2006 |  by  |  Kit  |  No Comments  |  Share

Very durable water container, wide mouthed, virtually unbreakable!
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First Night away in Tahiti

Friday, 17th November 2006 |  by  |  Tahiti  |  No Comments  |  Share

Our first hotel is booked, we’re staying at the Hiti Moana Villa, very exciting!

Link: Hiti Moana Website

Rucksack: Lowe Alpine Frontier 65 + 10

Friday, 17th November 2006 |  by  |  Kit  |  No Comments  |  Share

I’ve had this bag for many years, Its done me well, duarble (its got a small hole but the gaffa tapes holding), great back system.
Its done well for all its uses, dartmoor, the alps, treking, moving house, the list goes on and on, and so does the bag, got to be coming up to its 10th birthday…
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For you Kit Junkies, some of the stuff we're taking.

Friday, 17th November 2006 |  by  |  News  |  No Comments  |  Share

If you’d like to know what kind of stuff you need on a world wide trip, have a look here, we’ll include how it lives up to the trip, probably on our return when we’re bored…

Sleeping Bag: Mountain Hardwear Fairview

Friday, 17th November 2006 |  by  |  Kit  |  No Comments  |  Share

We wanted some lightweight summer sleeping bags, our UK Bags are far too warm for the job, so after a bit of a search we bought a couple of these. There simple, lightly cut and light, zip together. We bought them specificy for this trip but will be ok for an English summer. Good down to +4 oC.

Link to Mountain Hardwear Product Page


Tent: Terra Nova – Ultra Quasar

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Everyone needs somewhere to sleep and this is my favourite tent in the world so I don’t have anything bad to say about it, granted, anyone who knows about tents knows its a little over the top for the warm breezy weather we’ll be camping in, but maybe, just maybe we’ll hike off into the mountains in New Zealand and I’ll be glad I had it with me…

The Ultra Quasar is an Industry Leader, A 4/5 Season Tent that can withstand anything you can throw at it (time will tell if it can withstand Becky, my Voyager couldn’t). It will fit 2 people very comfortably, we’ve had 5 in there for a night on Dartmoor but that was very stupid, it has 2 porches, good for storage, what more can I say.

Pros: All of it!
Cons: The price…
From: Taunton Leisure

Link to Product

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