G'day Oz

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It’s 5:30 in the morning, its dark, we’ve been up for hours and we’re sitting in the airport waiting for the gates to open for Singapore Airlines flight SQ220.

‘Too much to see, too little time’ hasn’t really mean’t much before this trip, a week anywhere isn’t enough.

We wanted to see something at Opera House but with nothing on we went to see ‘Hot Fuzz’ at the cinema, making us a little homesick for Somerset. It seemed that we were the only people laughing at the local jokes, I had to tell the person sat next to me Somerfield really is like that! Yesterday we went to the Olympic Park for lunch and wandered about but couldn’t help feel it was a little lifeless with no sporting events on, just us tourists. The day before, for one of the first times on our trip, we split up to get the most out of the day. Becky went off to see the Koalas at the Zoo, and I went around the Gallerys and Museums.

Sydneys an amazing place everyone should visit.

I’m going off for a nap.

Happy 75th Birthday Sydney Harbour Bridge

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We’ve been in Sydney and about now for 4 days, having left the city for the sea side town of Narrabeen, we came back in today to help celebrate the bridges birthday!

Sydney is a vibrant city, full of people! We estimated that there are more people in Sydney than we saw in the entire of New Zealand! It has been quite an effort getting used to full streets, busy shops and full cafes. We escaped to the seaside for fewer people and to get used to Australian way of life from a distance.

Our first day and a half was spent sightseeing, lovely Christina from the hostel gave us a map and route, first port of call was the botanical gardens which overlook Sydney Opera House, where we took endless photos of it and the Harbour Bridge (both iconic landmarks are much bigger than photos make them look), walked round The Rocks- the first part of Australia to be colonised by 700 odd criminals and very quaint- old cobbled streets and European style old houses. Then the Aquaruim- hopefully the only time in Australia that we will come face to face with very big, scary and evil looking sharks! The Aquaruim was awesome, underwater tunnels in the seal and “ocean” areas, an enormous crocodile and vast containers of brightly coloured fish.We also visited the Australian Museum and the Museum of Comtempary Art. After the aquaruim and Museum, we (well Becky mostly) have been checking the lawns for spiders and snakes, any piece of water for jellyfish and crocodiles and we haven’t even dare go in the open sea yet! Damn Aquaruim and Museums!! Today we went on a boat from Manly (Sydneys premiere seaside town) to Circular Quay. Manly, if you can imagine it, looks very much like Torquay! Wasn’t quite what we were expecting!
We were staying in Kings Cross- very swanky during the day, THE place to have a street address, by night it turns into restaurants, strip clubs, “adult entertainment” etc. It is fair to say that this place does not sleep and is full to brimming with quirky characters. We stayed at the Blue Parrot, a bright yellow house situated on the “quieter end” (yeah right!) of Kings Cross. You could compare Kings Cross easily with Soho!
We have been trying some “Australian food”- e.g. kangeroo! We made it into spaghetti bolognase- Andy remarked it tasted very much like horse!! Think that is another story altogether…

See some photos here!

Last Day of Tahiti

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Well Tahiti’s coming to an end, very sad, its fantastic here, except maybe the buses, just as good as they are in Somerset…

After eventually catching a bus back to our little villa, we have been doing very little! Relaxing, (Andy has been sleeping a lot) watching the sunset over the lagoon next to our balcony! The lagoon is full of coral and amazing looking fish…we have spent quite a long time just watching them in the crystal clear water! Our host (Steve or Mano?) has been very welcoming…it seems his entire family are in on the hotelling buisness. It is so peaceful here, even though it is next to the only main road on the island you wouldn’t know it! We went to our local shop (about a mile away) yesterday in the torrential rain. It was fantastic- and warm!!! Not the English drizzle but severe downpour. Twenty minutes later everthing was dry and hot again. It has been strange getting used to the heat again- last night after the sunset it was still 28oC!

The surrounding area is like a set out of ‘Lost’- lush vegetation and palm trees….almost hear Kate shouting “Jack!!!” And just for Toni there are hundreds of ‘Warriors’ so get Steve to agree to come here and get the car of your dreams…… (just don’t sit on the back over a speed bump…. terrible things will happen….)

We’d recomend any of you to come here (hire a car).

Andy and Bex

And who’d have thought, 28 oC and Beckys wearing a fleece… (Becky says: I was cold!!)